A new ‘comfort café’, aiming to provide a space for bereaved people to meet in a safe and friendly space, will open soon.

Organised by Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, the first session will happen on September 28 between 10am and 12pm at Brampton Community Centre.

A spokesperson from the hospice said: "Our space provides a comfortable and social atmosphere for individuals to connect and enjoy delicious coffee and light refreshments.

“Bringing people together to share stories, feelings and coping strategies can play a vital role in that management process as you find your new tribe, forging new friendships as you move forward with hope and resilience.

“This doesn't have to be a recent bereavement; we understand healing does not necessarily have a time scale.”

To find out more, email evh.jigsaw@nhs.net or call 01228 810801.