CHANGES implemented to a popular mainstream City Centre car park have raised concerns among a number of local motorists.   

Carlisle's Lanes Shopping Centre have announced a new parking payment meaning the parking metres will be cashless. 

In a brief social media post, the Carlisle shopping centre announced that changes would be made to the system which is used in its multi-story car park on Lowther Street.

This would see the car park employ a credit and debit card only, cashless and ticketless system, a change from the existing ticketed, pay-on-exit system,

Although no official date for the changes has been confirmed, the announcement of the impending changes has prompted a new of comments from the local community, with many of these expressing concerns with the potential consequences.

A number of issues were raised with the incoming changes, one such being that it may affect local elderly people who do not have access to credit or debit cards.

One person took to social media, posting: "We seem to want to exclude some people & generations from society purely by excluding methods they are comfortable/familiar with using."

"There’s a lot of disabled and elderly people who use this car park who haven’t got cards. What happens if the internet goes down will everyone be trapped in the car park?," another person added.

Another person echoed these sentiments and even suggested that the Lanes could be forced back into accepting cash if the new systems have any faults.

They said: "You have elderly people that use the car park who only use cash and always have done.

"In your eyes they are no longer welcome?

"What happens when the internet goes down and you can't accept any payments?

"Pretty sure you’ll accept cash then to make some money."

In addition, another person reacting to the news argued that the changes could potentially discourage tourists from visiting the city.

"Taking away people's choices is not a good move," They said.

"People will go elsewhere.

"We need to encourage people to come to the city not put them off."

The Lanes Shopping Centre, in the initial social media post, confirmed that more information about the changes will follow. 

The Lanes Shopping Centre was approached for comment.