JULIA Aglionby has been selected as the Liberal Democrat's parliamentary candidate for the new Penrith & Solway constituency. 

Julia is an advocate for upland farming and the environment, and she has a strong track record of community involvement and national recognition.

Julia will be competing in the new huge rural constituency of Penrith & Solway, where the only other declared candidate is Workington MP Mark Jenkinson.

"Voters are looking for change,” Julia said.  

"They want their specific needs here in Cumbria represented in Westminster.

"Whether you are a teacher, a farmer, a nurse or running your own business I will listen to you and work to deliver a fair deal," she said.

Julia aims to offer voters an alternative choice, blaming Tories' mismanagement on issues such as crumbling school buildings and continuous sewage release into local rivers, all of which she believes have directly impacted the people of Penrith & Solway. 

As a long-time wild swimmer, she recently completed an 80-mile swim along the River Eden, from source to sea, in order to raise awareness about sewage spills.

She has frequently appeared on Radio 4, regional TV, and in the press as a champion for rural issues.

Additionally, she has served as a senior civil servant on the Natural England Board.

Beyond her political involvement, Julia is also a part-time professor in Practice at the University of Cumbria.

The Aglionby family's involvement in politics dates back to 1388, with the first Aglionby MP for Carlisle.

The most recent Aglionby MP, Francis Aglionby, was a Liberal and served during 1840. His statue stands outside Carlisle Law Courts.

In Carlisle, Cumberland councillor for Stanwix Urban, Brian Wernham, has been selected to represent the Lib Dems.