From the cost of living crisis to constant fluctuations in interest rates, businesses are feeling the pressure more than ever.

As a result of the global financial crisis, many companies are reviewing how they operate and adjusting accordingly.

While reinvestment in business is integral to sustaining profitability, the financial strain means some don’t have the freedom to maintain their reinvesting plans, but how much has this been affected?

To explore this further, Business Comparison surveyed 508 business leaders and senior decision-makers in the UK.

They quizzed them on their reinvestment strategies and whether this has been altered due to global circumstances.

Regional data revealed that 18% of those surveyed in the North West do reinvest, but it depends on the amount of profit earned. Furthermore, over two-thirds (67%) shared that they reinvest on an annual basis. 

A spokesperson said: "In the North West region, 40% of businesses secure funding for reinvestment directly from the director of the company. Additionally, 36% received money from their stakeholders. 

"Overall, 54% of businesses in this area have had reinvestment plans affected by global circumstances."