THE owners of an award-winning yoga studio in Cumbria have this week celebrated four years with the business

Married couple Emma and Martin took over at The Yoga Studio Carlisle in 2019, just a few months before Covid brought a halt to the country. 

While it was an admittedly tough start for the duo, as they were forced into hosting online classes during the pandemic in order to stay afloat, they were able to foster a community with those who joined them from home. 

When things re-opened after the lockdowns, the studio was able to build on those relationships and has sought to cultivate a 'family feel' for all those who take part. 

Emma said: "We offer something for everyone. The community, and diversity of students that come to us, it’s so just so welcoming when you walk in.

"It’s hard to find that feeling, that’s what makes it special and that’s what people love about the studio. There are so many different people but we’re all coming together to practise yoga.

"We have a substantial timetable and really experienced teachers so when all of that comes together, it makes the yoga studio really special.

"Obviously, that’s been recognised quite a few times and gives us the reputation that we have.

"The space is absolutely gorgeous, you wouldn’t realise that it is right in the city centre when you’re walking past the front door. It’s a 300-year-old barn, so it’s really lovely."

News and Star: The beautiful interior of The Yoga Studio CarlisleThe beautiful interior of The Yoga Studio Carlisle (Image: Supplied)

The pandemic was an incredibly tough time for everyone in the country and re-uniting with everyone in the yoga community after the various lockdowns was definitely one of the highlights of Emma's four years of ownership.

She said: "It was such a blow having to close so soon after taking ownership. Re-opening after the pandemic after we got through all the lockdowns was really positive.

"I had my first baby due in the lockdowns, so coming out of that was wonderful.

"My second pregnancy, I was amongst my students and teaching right up until a few days before giving birth. We’re a very family-run business, the teachers are like family.

"I see some of the students four or five times a week, you build such a wonderful relationship with everyone, it is like an extended family. The high points have been having my babies but also them being brought up in that community."

News and Star: The tranquil beautiful space of kinmont barnThe tranquil beautiful space of kinmont barn (Image: Supplied)

However, it is not just the family feel of the yoga studio that makes it so successful.

Emma said: "We’re very consistent, we don’t close on bank holidays, we’re open on the weekend, and we’re going from 6 am through to 8 pm. We’ve got that staying power.

"I always say to students, ‘yoga is always going to be there and we’re there too.'"