Starting primary school is an exciting adventure for a parent/carer and their child, but it can feel daunting. 

North Cumbria Integrated Care’s School Aged Immunisation Team is responsible for delivering the school-based immunisation programme in Cumbria.

Our specially trained team is made up of clinical leads, nurses, support staff, and apprentices.

If your child is due their vaccination, a consent form will be sent to you and your child’s school/educational establishment.

Kerry Foot, School Immunisation Lead at NCIC, said: “Without vaccines, we are at risk of serious illness and disability from diseases like meningitis, measles pneumonia, tetanus and polio. Its estimated that childhood vaccines alone save more than four million lives every year.

“Vaccines protect ourselves and those around us. Not everyone can be vaccinated so they depend on others to be vaccinated to ensure they are also safe from vaccine preventable diseases.”

Getting enough sleep is essential for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Sleep deprivation can affect our attention, concentration, memory, behaviour and makes us feel anxious, irritable, overactive, aggressive and depressed.

Washing hands and wiping noses are two of the best ways to stop germs spreading in a school setting.