Cumbria in Bloom’s RHS Tatton Garden has new life in Cumbrian village

A garden designed and created in Cumbria by a local horticultural stalwart has found a new life and purpose back home after debuting at a national show.

Danny Poland, now with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and on behalf of Cumbria in Bloom, designed the small garden which was displayed at the RHS Flower Show in Tatton Park earlier this year.

Mr Poland, 21, repurposed elements of his design to enhance a space between the church and primary school in his home village of Irthington.

He said he wants to share the garden with his community there who have supported him over the last few years when the village found themselves entered into Cumbria in Bloom’s ‘Pride in Your Community’ competition 2021 and last year as a Britain in Bloom finalist, receiving the Silver Gilt award.

Irthington Village School, where Danny was a former pupil, have provided unwavering support, throwing themselves behind the community effort, making a ‘walking with wildlife’ footpath and ‘wildlife wishes’ to hang on a cornus tree.

News and Star: Danny Poland by the wildlife wishes treeDanny Poland by the wildlife wishes tree (Image: Karen Morley-Chesworth)

Now, when the children return to school next month, they will be able to see their wishes on the tree in the village.

There was no waste from the community garden, entitled Gardening for Wildlife, at Tatton Park.

Features which have not been brought back to Irthington have been gifted elsewhere.

News and Star: Danny Poland in IrthingtonDanny Poland in Irthington (Image: Karen Morley-Chesworth)

The ‘Bee&Bee’ post now stands in Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s wildflower nursery and garden at Houghton.

The meadow grass, wildflowers, pond and slate were donated to Imran Aslam from Northwest in Bloom, who works on nature projects for mosques in Manchester.

Danny, who last year was awarded the Young Persons Champion award from Britain in Bloom, said: “The original Tatton Park garden was three-by-three metres, and was designed to support wildlife.

News and Star: Liz (left) and Ronnie Auld, who run Cumbria in Bloom, with the Cumbria in Bloom Garden at RHS Tatton Flower Show 2023Liz (left) and Ronnie Auld, who run Cumbria in Bloom, with the Cumbria in Bloom Garden at RHS Tatton Flower Show 2023 (Image: Karen Morley-Chesworth)

“I hope it inspired people to make even small changes in their garden to support wildlife, this would make a significant difference.

“We brought as much back of the garden from Tatton Park as possible, as I designed the garden for our community, for everyone here to enjoy.

“It's fantastic to have been able to share it with everyone once home, which has also given the garden from Tatton Park a new purpose and lease of life.”