National newspaper The Telegraph has selected 15 of the best stores that offer something different for customers.

While farm shops have become one of the nation's favourite places to visit, some try and go the extra mile in attempting to stand out.

Tebay Services Farmshop was named one of the very best and was singled out for its community spirit.

They work with more than 70 producers within a 30-mile radius of Tebay Services. "We’re proud to support local people and communities", they say on their website, which was clearly evident to reviewers.

Telegraph review:

Gloucester Services and Tebay and their community charity

Gloucestershire and Cumbria 

"Offering motorists on the M5 and M6 great-quality ingredients that speak for the landscape around them, these award-winning services have food halls and canteens. Children’s meals cost just £1, but they are a world away from school dinners.

"More than 100 ­producers from within 30 miles ­contribute to the deli, butchers, cheese and fish counters, plus there is an expertly-curated ­lifestyle section. The services work within their ­communities.

"At Tebay, a volunteer-run search-and-rescue charity in nearby hills is half funded by the services. At Gloucester, 3p in every £1 is put back into sustainable community development."

John and Barbara Dunning opened Tebay Services in 1972 after the M6 motorway was built through their farm.

They "invited the world to this once-remote stretch of Westmorland to eat a good meal, enjoy a heartfelt welcome and relish the upland landscape."

Crowned Specialist Food Retailer of the Year at the Cumbria Food Awards 2022, the quaint spot has proven a hit with customers time and time again.