Spider season in the UK begins in September and ends in October.

With five in ten Britons (21%) saying they suffer from arachnophobia, plenty of the British public are looking for ways to keep them out of their home.

In a recent study on clutter in your home, a survey showed that the living room is the messiest room in a house with 22% of respondents claiming they spent the most time cleaning it.

Combining this with the fact that most spider species in the UK prefer living in warm cluttered places, the interior experts at sofabed.co.uk have put together some advice explaining the easy ways you can keep spiders out of your living room by keeping them clean, cool and well designed.

Steve Hamblett - owner of sofabed.co.uk said: "Crumbs and other pieces of food that fall down the cracks of your sofa will attract insects onto it.

"As a result of this, spiders will then be attracted to these insects and you’ll soon find yourself sharing your sofa with creepy crawlies. 

"Wicker is probably the worst choice of furniture for your living room if you don’t get along with spiders. 

"You should vacuum your room and sofa regularly, especially the hard-to-reach corners of your room, underneath your sofa, and in the corners of your sofa.

"Because spiders like to hide in small holes and sheltered spaces, living rooms full of ornaments, books, and other decorations are the ideal arachnid-friendly environment, so make sure you regularly dust and clean them to avoid this happening. 

"By keeping your windows closed during the day, you can lower the temperature of your living room by stopping heat from entering. 

"It's a well known fact that spiders are attracted to heat. However, during hot weather, extractor fans can be put to double use. 

"Spiders dislike acidic smells and other strong scents. By adding plants such as mint, lemongrass, lavender or eucalyptus to your living room, due to their natural overpowering scents, it will help ward off spiders from your living room. . 

"Consider purchasing ultrasonic-based spider repellents. According to theory, spiders find ultrasonic sound uncomfortable, resulting in them leaving the area."