A FOOTBALL summer camp has enjoyed a 'fabulous' two weeks at Warwick Bridge's Downagate.

David Ballantyne, also known as Balla, has been running his Feet4Football coaching service for around 20 years and has run football training camps in Carlisle and Newcastle.

The latest training camp took place between Wednesday, July 26, and Wednesday, August 9.

News and Star:

Approximately 160 children took part in this summer football camp, with Balla explaining what the camp is all about.

"They are all here just to play football, have fun, give their mams and dads a break, and just play with a smile on their faces.

"It is all about fun, it does not matter how good you are, we're all here to play football."

The summer camp has also included a number of fun football-related exercises such as zorb football, human football table, dartboard, and ball launcher for touch tests at up to 50 and 60 miles per hour.

This event is only made possible with the help of a number of dedicated football coaches which Balla was keen to recognise.

He said: "The coaches are fabulous, they have been doing it for years and they are all people who were on the camps and it is good for the kids to see, if any of them want to go down the coaching route, they get to coach as well."

News and Star: Carlisle United were well represented at the summer football campCarlisle United were well represented at the summer football camp (Image: Feet4Football)

The camp also coincided with the Women's World Cup and Balla made sure to give the children the opportunity to cheer on Sarina Wiegman's Lionesses, with the group watching their penalty triumph against Nigeria in the round of 16.

"It was good timing with the Women's World Cup being on, so we had it on inside and it is a shame because a lot of the boys did not even realise it was on so it was good to expose it to everybody," Balla said.

"It was great to see because the boys and girls were all behind them and they were loving it and cheering them on every kick and when it got to the penalties it got a bit nerve-racking but everybody is well behind them now."