CARLISLE Bonsai Club are preparing for their latest appearance at Dalston Show.

The club, which is comprised of local enthusiasts, has been steadily growing over recent months and is hoping to use the popular show to introduce more people to the wonders of Bonsai.

This will be Carlisle Bonsai Club's ninth appearance at the Dalston Show and founding member Tony Robinson detailed what will be featured.

"We are going to have a showcase and display and we are going to try and mix the trees up with a variety of trees," he said.

"We are going to do a demonstration on a tree and raffle it off and so people can buy tickets and have a chance to get a little tree and that is what we normally do.

"It is normally pretty - just hoping that the weather holds up."

This latest appearance at Dalston Show also forms part of the club's drive to get more people involved in Bonsai and Tony hopes that this will happen, especially during a period where the club is thriving and exploring new ways to bring the joy of Bonsai to its members.

"What we try and do is get people interested," he said.

"Once we get people in the tent and talk to them they tend to become interested, we had a few in the past say that they are going to come to the club but that never materialised, but we have had a couple of people from there in the past.

"The club is doing quite well at the moment, it has a good, healthy membership and it is just a matter of keeping it going and keeping it at a good pace.

"Now that the club is building up a bit of funds we are hoping to get a guest speaker in and maybe a trip to a Bonsai nursery."