A charity shop in Carlisle will offer out free school uniforms to families in need this summer. 

Cumbria Gateway, located on Denton Street, has set up a swap shop to allow families to trade in old school uniforms for new ones amid the ongoing cost of living crisis. 

Any families who are struggling financially are also being encouraged to visit Cumbria Gateway, as the shop may be able to source a school uniform for kids without requiring anything in return. 

The Schoolwear Association has found the average cost of compulsory secondary school uniforms and sportswear items in England in 2023 is £96.24 per pupil. 

With more and more people across the UK struggling with the increased cost of living, saving money on uniforms could be a huge boost for families. 

Cumbria Gateway are appealing for donations of old uniforms, to ensure they have as much stock as possible to help those in need.