CARLISLE United have taken the 'extraordinary measure' of suspending ticket sales in Warwick Road End of Brunton Park following crowd disorder during the Blues' 1-1 draw with Fleetwood Town.

The club announced the suspension of sales for the club's August matches against Wigan Atheltic and Exeter City in a statement on its website, with Carlisle now considering a 'range of options' to counter crowd behavior incidents.

These options include a voluntary reduction in the Warwick Road End capacity, Increased searching, Implementation of age restrictions so that only those over 18 will be allowed into that area, closing central sections near the goals, and fully closing the Warwick Road End to allow 'a time-out and a reset in behaviour'.

This follows actions taken by match referee Peter Wright who was forced to pause Carlisle's League One opener on two separate occasions as he asked for a response to a variety of objects being thrown towards the pitch. 

In the statement, Carlisle United's chief executive said: "Once again we find ourselves in a situation where instead of celebrating the fact that we had close to 10,000 home fans supporting their team in a fantastic manner, we have to react to the actions of a few individuals who are now going to spoil it for the many.

"It also has to be said that the pausing of the game by the referee, due to missiles being thrown, came at a time when we were pushing forward, with Fleetwood under defensive pressure and United in the ascendancy.

"In my view these actions broke our momentum.

"Therefore we are suspending sales for the Warwick Road End with immediate effect as we discuss and consider the options available to us to help us to deal with this unacceptable behaviour.

"The reputation of this wonderful football club is being dragged down due to actions which are repeated, despite constant warnings from the club and from the football authorities, who, I need to remind everybody, investigate the club in great depth every time a report like this is raised. 

"We don’t need to remind fans that cost implications have a direct impact on the whole club. 

"We do not have backup funds for this so it has to come from other areas – that includes the manager, his budgets, and his plans.

"That is another direct serious consequence from incidents such as this."