A Brampton based vet has been called up to one of the most prestigious cricket competitions in the world.

Hannah Rainey, 26, was attending an emergency call for a cow with a damaged tail when Oval Invincibles boss, Jonathan Batty, got in touch to ask if she could play for the two-time defending champions in the Hundred competition – the flagship women’s cricket tournament in England.

“It was around 7pm, and I had gone to see a cow that had injured its tail, and had to amputate it, so it was quite an evening,” said Hannah.

“I hadn’t done many amputations before, so I was a bit scared, if I’m being honest - it was a good thing the call came afterwards.

“As I was leaving, I picked up a text from Jonathan Batty, introducing himself and asking if he could give me a ring. I had quite a long drive home, so was able to chat to him.

"He basically said, 'I’ve spoken to a few people, heard good things about you – would you like a contract with us?'

"I didn’t really expect that! I was really surprised and, if I’m honest, my brain was a bit overwhelmed. I had no idea it was coming – it came completely out of the blue.

“When I spoke to him, I explained that I have a job [with Capontree Vets in Brampton] so I would need to speak to my work, but that I would absolutely love to say yes to his offer.”

Once Hannah had the go ahead from Capontree Vets, she travelled down to join the Oval Invincibles squad in London with some of the world’s best players including Suzie Bates and Marizanne Kapp.

“My work has been really supportive of my cricket,” said Hannah.

“I was on call until Monday morning, and then got the train down at 11am that day, met up with the squad for the team meeting in the late afternoon, and then went out for dinner with them.

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“Everyone in the squad is lovely, but it’s a bit daunting coming into an environment where you don’t know any of the players at all.”

The Oval Invincibles were set to play their first match of the tournament at Lords, the Home of Cricket on Wednesday evening but the game was called off without a ball being bowled due to the weather.

Hannah also plays for North West Thunder and is set to join up with the Scotland squad later this year for their T20 European Qualifier.