August is here which means it’s festival time.

Cumbria has more than its fair share of festivals and they are of a type everyone can enjoy.

I say that from my extensive knowledge of only ever spending one day at one festival in my life - and that was Solfest. My bladder would not allow me to stay any longer and there was no way on earth I would use a festival Portaloo.

I remember complaining to the mayor of my town in New Zealand once about the state of the toilets at the local showground. I said they were in such a state that you could not sit down but had to hover over the seat.

The mayor suggested that if more people sat instead of hovering with uncertain aim the loos would be clean!

While still in the depth of toilet humour, I was told to take some wine in a plastic bottle to Solfest. I put some white wine in a clear plastic bottle and it looked as thought I was carrying around a rather large urine sample all day!

The fantastic thing about festivals in Cumbria is the range they cover.

Okay, I cheated a little by putting in the photo of Samantha Kirkpatrick of St Cuthbert’s School, Carlisle with produce for the Harvest Festival.

Almost every church in the country has a Harvest Festival but this was such a cute photo.

I have deliberately chosen the photo of Solfest Chairman Ben Durkan watches over the preparations for the festival because it looks so rural with him leaning over a farm gate.

Then we have the photo of Keith Preston gives a display sheepdog trialling at the Wasdale Head Herdwick festival.

That is because - yes - in this area we have a Herdwick festival, celebrating the county’s iconic sheep. We have a wool festival, There is a mountain festival - in fact it seems that everyone has started some kind of festival celebrating every aspect of Cumbria’s assets and attractions.

Hick, we even have a Chinese Music Festival - or did in 2011, anyway. This photo to prove it shows Gemma Henley on the Chinese recorder in the workshop ran by Li Jiang from the Lake District Summer Music Festival

Glastonbury? Woodstock? We don’t need them but have your wellies ready just in case the weather lets us down.