A CARLISLE factory worker punched his partner, struck her on the head with a broom handle and threatened to kill her dog.

Dennis Brennan, 28, committed crimes on three separate days.

Prosecutor Kim Whittlestone told Carlisle Crown Court that Brennan and the woman were in a relationship for 18 months until mid-April, 2022.

A first assault occurred on May 16, 2021. “He punched her to the face, causing bruising and also some significant bruising to her hand,” said Miss Whittlestone. “He punched her to the face and threatened to tie her up and harm her further. She describes him closing the curtains so no-one could see in.”

That violence was interrupted by the victim’s brother with whom she left the house.

On a separate occasion there was a verbal argument within her home. “She describes him stamping on her foot with significant force, causing it to bruise and swell,” said the prosecutor. The woman’s mum urged her to seek medical treatment but, “in fear”, she refused.

Brennan was arrested after yet another attack, on April 17, 2022. While tackling chores outside, he began to blame the woman for not having any money and not being able to see his children (with a different partner).

“He struck her to the rear of the head with a broom handle that he was holding, causing swelling and pain,” Miss Whittlestone told the court. “She was visibly upset and she was crying. He pulled her in by her hair and locked her in the house. He threatened to kill her dog by feeding it paracetamol.”

The woman contacted police and in a 999 call was described as being “clearly terrified”, believing Brennan was returning to the address.

“She says that it has had a massive effect on her, personally,” said Miss Whittlestone of the impact. “She feels that it was a violation. She let him into her home and she trusted him.

“She says that this has had a significant effect on her day-to-day life. She has difficulty socialising with other people and feels they will betray her trust.

“She feels as if she has been the one that has been punished for things that are not her fault.”

Brennan admitted one actual bodily harm assault and two common assaults.

Brendan Burke, defending, asked for any prison sentence to be suspended. Brennan, of Rosehill Drive, Carlisle, had entered guilty pleas and, since the age of 18, been in full-time skilled employment at the city’s Pirelli factory. He also provided care and financial support for two young children.

“To send him to custody immediately would have such a destructive consequence for him and collateral consequences for his ex-partner and his children that society would not be served,” said Mr Burke.

But Recorder Mark Ainsworth concluded that only an immediate 12-month prison sentence was appropriate.