This week our Trader of the Week is a rather unique store that has been a feature of our city's high street for a decade. 

Ashbridge & Brown, located in The Market Hall on Fisher Street in Carlisle has recently appeared on national television. 

The shop does its own range of Carlisle candles and for this reason, was featured on a TV programme. 

They were featured on the show Britain's Most Luxurious Train Journeys and they ended up here buying one of our very own candles which have gone all over the world. The show is currently aired on Channel 4. 

David Gardener, the joint owner of the store, said: "It's a whole mixture, at one time it would have been called a gift shop but now it would be seen as more of a lifestyle store. 

"We do a whole range of things from gifts for babies right the way through to homeware and even ladies' clothes and accessories, if you can't find a gift in here I don't know where you will."

News and Star: Inside the store Inside the store (Image: Ashbridge and Brown)

The shop has been running for ten years now and as David explains they would not be here today if they hadn't proved to be successful. 

He continued: "The shop caters mainly to women but it's right across the board it's for people who care for a bit more quality rather than just things that are cheap or a quick pick up. 

"We do eco-friendly items and non of our products are mass-produced they are all from small providers, we do a lot of local things over the years. 

"As I say, ten years ago Carlisle was just The Lanes and big stores and we wanted to do something that was a little bit different, that was all those years ago and we're still going."

The store can be found in the city centre and offers customers something that little bit extra special for when they are coming to buy a gift for a loved one.