A Carlisle-based woman has set up a fitness class - based around burlesque chair dancing.

Jennifer Wright has started running the classes in Denton Holme and they have proved very popular with women in the area.

The classes are held in the Atlas Works every Wednesday at 5pm and then again at 6.30pm.

Each class runs for an hour and includes a warm-up and cool down.

Jennifer is hoping to get more people involved with the class and wants to spread the word about what they do.

She said: "The group that I teach is called the Denton Dolls as we're based in Denton Holme. I started in October last year and it's going really well and seems to be popular.

"There seems to be a lot of misconception about it being burlesque, as it is actually a fitness class focused on women's empowerment.

"No matter what size you are, what age you are, what shape you are, and whatever your fitness level, is it's pretty much open to everyone.

News and Star: Jenifer Wright Jenifer Wright (Image: Supplied)

"I think the word burlesque can put people off because they think it's going to be really seedy and raunchy. Don't get me wrong, there are some moves that are! But it's just about empowering yourself and feeling good in yourself.

"I was actually the member of another burlesque group and I absolutely loved it, I was a member for about fifteen months before I decided to do it for myself. 

"I just absolutely loved it so much. I'm not exactly a skinny minny myself and I was at quite a low in my life where I didn't feel confident or fit and healthy at all, so I decided that I wanted to do this and empower other women and make other women realise you don't have to be a size 6 to feel amazing in your own skin and you don't have to be young to feel amazing either. 

"I've sort of just brought that ethos and tried to push it forward in a fitness class."

It is £6 per week to attend and that guarantees your chair for that week, so most people pay in blocks.