A RESTAURANT has been given a top five-out-of-five hygiene rating after a previous inspection marked them less.

Alamgir Ali, the owner of the Viceroy, a Bangladeshi restaurant in Carlisle, said he is pleased that the restaurant is back to its usual five-out-of-five score.

The restaurant, on Shaddongate, was given a three-out-of-five rating after an assessment on Monday, February 20 this year, according to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) website.

However, Mr Ali said he disagreed with the rating and asked for another inspection, which happened on April 11 this year.

He said: “Part of the initial rating was to do with structural damage around the storage areas, and when they came back, they found it was as good as it always has been.”

Mr Ali said he and the FSA have a good working relationship and simply had a polite disagreement with the rating: “There’s no need to fall out with anyone, they gave us the rating and if they felt it was warranted, then that’s how they felt.

“We’re a small family business, like many in the city, and although the three out of five rating does not mean ‘bad’, it looks bad as sometimes a lot of people will not read the full report (from the FSA).”