The first ever King of the Jungle Tony Blackburn has revealed why he will never go on the South Africa 'All Stars' spin off. 

Blackburn, 80, won the first series of the regular version of the survival show in 2002 where he appeared alongside late socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and singer Darren Day.

The English DJ has admitted he had watched some of the new series, which started on Monday April 24, and slammed it as 'disgusting' after watching Diversity star Jordan Banjo eat lamb’s testicles.

First I'm A Celeb winner reveals he 'can't watch' South Africa spin off

Speaking to The Sun, Blackburn said: “I loved doing the show and I hate to criticise but I was watching it last night and it’s just horrible.

"Eating bits of penis is revolting. I don’t think that is entertainment. I can’t watch it. I turn away. I don't want to see celebrities vomiting on TV, especially after eating antelopes.”

While the All-Star series has seen many famous faces like Carol Vorderman and Shaun Ryder return to jungle life, Blackburn will not be among them.

The former 'Top of The Pops' host was reportedly adamant that he would turn down an offer to return to the show if he was asked and claimed that most of the other winners feel the same way.

He added: “I’m 80 years old now but if they did ask me to take part I’d say no, I wouldn't want to do it again. I’m talking to one or two other people who won it and I don’t think most of them would.”

Although Blackburn is a vegetarian, he says that he doesn't preach it, adding that "People can do what they want but we’ve seen it all before, it’s a bit old hat now and the shock value is not there anymore.

"Last night he swallowed a pig’s bollock and said he could feel the hairs - it’s awful. This is what the producers don't quite understand.

"I think that the strength of the programme is watching how people react to each other, that’s the fun of it.”