A cat show is coming to Cumbria, with cats of all shapes, sizes, and breeds to be displayed and judged.

The Boutique Cat Extravaganza, run by Loving Cats Worldwide, will come to the Borderway Auction Mart on June 3 this year.

Tickets are on sale for the event but are going quickly, both for visitors and for exhibitors.

There was a similar cat show last year in Brampton, which involved a competitive element, and saw the event space at William Howard School full of people visiting and exhibiting from across the country.

This new event is going to involve a similar competitive element, but owners will be able to bring their cats directly onto the stage for judging, instead of being left out of the judging process directly, which Nathan Gilbert, show manager and judge at the upcoming show, said makes more engaging.

He said: “It’s much more engaging to the public and the judges will often talk quite a bit about the cats.

“Our shows tend to get quite a lot of people so we’re expecting a good few hundred people coming to Carlisle.

“There are a few things going on; cats compete for titles, but we also compete at an international and regional level at these events.

“You can compete in either of these categories, and we will also be judging a best in show among the top three in each man category: kittens, juniors, and adults.

“We also have a household pet category so people can bring in their non-pedigree cats as well.

“The top three of all of those categories will be looked at and the winners will receive a framed rosette plaque.”

As its name suggests, Loving Cats Worldwide hosts events all across the world.

The organisation states its aim as being to increase the visibility of all cats, educating everyone to do their part with the overwhelming rescue situation, preserving breeds, and protecting ethical breeders, all while organising interactive cat extravaganzas such as this.For more information, and the get a ticket, which is £6 for under 12s, £8 for seniors and people aged between 12 and 17, and £10 for adults, click here.