BRAMPTON Community Centre has been hosting small live music events to be enjoyed by audiences in the town. 

The events have been going on since 2022 and have proved to be popular with all those who attend. 

Live@Union Lane is said to be steadily increasing in audience members and has attracted some very talented musicians from across the country. 

One of the organisers explained that they have created a brand of a music show to differentiate from the normal run of community centre activities. 

David Gosling has been helping to run the events and spoke of their great success in Brampton. 

He says that they have created a concert atmosphere and are managing to attract popular musicians to the small village. 

Explaining that they are 'volunteers motivated by a desire to showcase the very best in live music and in return provide entertainment for people in the northeast of Cumbria.'

News and Star: A musician performing at the event A musician performing at the event (Image: Supplied)

Mr Gosling said: "I was approached in 2021 by one of the trustees of the community centre as I have a history of organising live music events in places like Lanercost Priory. 

"It's usually jazz as that's what I like, so I was asked and I said I would do it. We had a meeting and decided that we would wait until after Covid."

David said that he wanted to change the feel of the events from what people might expect of a community centre. 

What they decided to do when they were promoting the events was to instead call them Live@Union Lane as that's where the community centre is. 

Mr Gosling continued: "I was approached by a piano player I knew who said that they wanted to perform in Cumbria with a singer they'd become involved with. 

"They were playing across the country including at Ronnie Scott's in London which is a well-known British jazz club in Soho."

The singer, Jo Harrop, is quite well known on the jazz circuits and this was an incredible find for the team running the community centre events. 

She performed and the venue in May last year and not long after was No 14 in the American Jazz Charts. 

David explains that since their first concert, they have gone from strength with local and national artists coming to perform.