A 'SAVAGE' dog attack left a dog and its owner traumatised.

Elaine Atkinson, 64, is from Cleator Moor and took her sprocker spaniel dog Rox for a walk at Leconfield Industrial Estate on the morning of March 1.

Rox was playing with his ball when he spotted another dog in the distance.

News and Star: Rox, the sprocker spaniel after the attackRox, the sprocker spaniel after the attack (Image: Elaine Atkinson)

Elaine said Rox is the 'softest dog in the world' so as he started to run over to the dog, she called him back to keep hold of his collar. 

"By then, I could hear five dogs and the man was shouting at these dogs but they weren't listening to him. The man was shouting 'don't grab your dog's collar, it will set my dogs off into a frenzy and they won't hurt him'. 

News and Star: Before the attackBefore the attack (Image: Elaine Atkinson)

"And then the dogs basically ripped Rox to bits. There were two XL Bully dogs, they had Rox by the throat while the other dogs were taking chunks out of him, pulling his legs and arms and body. It was absolutely horrendous," Elaine said.

The other dogs were lurcher-type dogs and a terrier.

News and Star: Rox after the attackRox after the attack (Image: Elaine Atkinson)

Elaine said the man tried to get his dogs off Rox, but was unable and was bitten on his arms and hands as a result.

"Rox was unconscious, and was being held by the throat by this massive XL Bully dog. A man came out of an electrical unit on the estate and got a stick and started hitting these dogs."

News and Star: After the attackAfter the attack (Image: Elaine Atkinson)

Eventually the dogs let go and the man told Elaine to drag Rox into his unit and shut the door, while the dogs continued trying to attack Rox.

"It's the worst thing that's ever happened in my life, he's my baby and he had so many injuries. At one stage, he was lying limp and his tongue was blue and I thought he was dead. Even the vets don't know how he survived.

News and Star: Rox after the attackRox after the attack (Image: Elaine Atkinson)

"He had severe trauma to his neck, he had broken ribs, he had a punctured lung so had to have air put into one of his lungs, so many bite wounds over his body. 

"They dragged my dog round like he was a rag doll, and there was nothing I could do about it.

News and Star: Rox after the attackRox after the attack (Image: Elaine Atkinson)

"Two weeks later, no one can believe how Rox has come through. He is so much better, bouncing around."

Elaine has had to take Rox back to the vets to remove fluid build-up in his body. 

"I'm going to be petrified to take him out. I can't sleep at night, I can't get it out my head. That man in that unit saved my dog's life and the vets did an amazing job.

"I spoke to the vet and he said those dogs are bred for killing. If that dog had grabbed a child, that child would never have survived."

Cumbria Police were contacted for comment.