HAIRY Biker Dave Myers has opened up on his cancer diagnosis and the gruelling effects of chemotherapy.

The Barrow-born chef spoke about his health battle on the How to Be 60 podcast with Kaye Adams.

Dave’s cancer diagnosis came as a 'bolt from the blue' during a trip to France late in March last year.

He had been driving on the motorway in France when he received the shock phone call to say that he had cancer.

Now a year on from his diagnosis Dave is still having treatment.

He said: “I’m still having chemotherapy but what I’m finding out now, like many people, you have to live with the cancer.

“But by God the chemotherapy doesn’t half age you quickly.”

The chemotherapy has affected the Biker’s balance. Dave says that his walking has been 'affected quite a lot' and that he needs physiotherapy to help him ride his new motorbike.

He said: “I’ve had this thing in physiotherapy where they sit me on a Pilates ball and rock me from side to side pretending I’m on a motorbike. I have a rubber band under one foot, a rubber band under the other, and I’m changing gear and braking and making motorbike noises.

“They’re good people and they’re determined to get me back on the bike!”

Dave said that he has no symptoms from the cancer.

He said: “The cancer, I really have no symptoms of it. It’s the chemotherapy, it’s neuropathy in your feet so therefore it’s hard to stand so I’ve really had to learn to walk again properly.

“Sometimes, it’s funny, I feel fine, and other times I just need to go to bed. I kind of sleep it off, it’s a bit like a bad hangover.

“But I do feel I’m getting better, I know I am in terms of mobility and physiotherapy.

“All I can say is it’s not spreading and I’m holding my own okay, so I’m very grateful for that.

Dave plans to return to filming this May with co-star Si King with plans to film around the chemotherapy.

“We’ve got the best job in the world, and that’s why I’m really annoyed with this cancer business because there’s so many more adventures I want to have,” said Dave.

The Biker has vowed not to whinge ‘ever again’.

Dave said: “I do appreciate things now an awful lot more."