The Met Office has offered its verdict on our chances of snow next week, as temperatures are set to plummet.

Senior presenter at the forecaster, Aidan McGivern said there were “pretty strong” signs that a burst of cold air would bring changes to the weather from this weekend.

He added that as a result there was an “increased chance” of some snow in the next two weeks.

However, Aidan added that many details were still unclear in his latest forecast.

He said: “Here's what we do know about next week - it is very likely to be cold, colder than it is now.


"When you've got that cold air in place, and we've got some other things coming together - the position of low pressures - that does increase the chance of some sleet and snow."

If there was to be snow, Aidan also added that “where and when” it could fall was something “we just don’t know at this stage”.

He added that any weather forecasters “that tell you they do know, they are just guessing”.

This is the latest UK weather forecast from the Met Office:


Rather cloudy with a few spots of rain possible across central areas this morning. Some sunny spells likely developing across Scotland and southeast England. A band of showers ushering in colder conditions into the far northeast later.


Variable often large amounts of cloud with the most prolonged clear spells and frost developing across central and southern Scotland. A narrow band of showers continuing to affect the northeast.


Well scattered showers affecting northern Scotland and along the North Sea coast later. Elsewhere, bright with some sunny intervals but still a lot of cloud around.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday

Rather cloudy with rain showery rain in places on Sunday. Turning much colder early next week with a chance of snow showers for many, these focused on northern Scotland.

March 7 to March 17

This period is expected to be characterised by winds from the north bringing cold conditions to most areas with widespread frost and ice. This will most likely result in wintry showers, these turning to more organised bands of snow at times in the east.

Under this regime, some areas are likely to remain drier with some sunshine, the best of this across inland areas and in the south and west of the UK.

During the later part of the period confidence decreases significantly, however there is a risk of some milder and wetter weather pushing into the south from the Atlantic at times, which could bring periods of snow as they push north.

 Temperatures overall will be below average but may gradually trend up through the period.