WALKERS have hailed a potential £100,000 crisp, discovered by a young West Cumbrian couple as 'a great find' - as people continue in the quest to find a £100,000 crisp from the company.

Crisp manufacturer Walkers is giving away £100,000 to anyone who finds the best heart-shaped specimen in any of its standard bags.

The competition started in January and is running for two months, with the crisp manufacturer saying heart-shaped crisps can be found in its packs because of the 'natural shapes' of the British potatoes it uses.

A young West Cumbrian couple believe they may have just landed themselves £100,000, after finding a heart-shaped crisp within their packet.

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The woman, who did not want to be named, said: "It was Sunday, we were sat waiting for the cup final, my boyfriend just opened a packet of tomato ketchup crisps and was just sat there eating them.

"I said to him 'Can I have one?' so he handed me one out of the packet, and I just went, 'Oh my word that's a love heart'.



"I said to him have you not seen the crack about people eating the £100,000 crisps on TikTok that are love hearts? I Googled it all and showed him and we realised we were on to a winner."

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After the News & Star sent a picture of the crisp in question to Walkers, a spokesperson said; “What a great find! There’s still time to enter our competition.

"Don’t forget to follow our T&Cs and enter so the judges can see this amazing entry!”

The competition has gone viral on social media with videos of people eating the crisps gaining many views.

However after finding the crisp, the young couple are now 'guarding it with their lives', locking it in a tupperware box alongside the packet and hiding it in their home.