AS part of our Nostalgia section this week we thought we would take a look back at one of Carlisle's most iconic areas. 

For many people this is one of the first thing they will see when they come to the city and is an important part of the city's architecture and its history. 

The railway station has a rich history and is the welcome port for visitors. 

Here at the News & Star we looked back in our archives at some memories of the railway station.

The railway station building is a Grade II listed building and connects Carlisle to major cities in the UK like London and Glasgow. 

For a number of years it was one of three stations in the country... but eventually became the main and only station within Carlisle. 

One photo shows Carlisle railway station in the 1920s, the photo is the oldest of the bunch dating back over 100 years now.

Compare this with the image that shows the view of the scaffolding and working platforms built for the replacement of the roof glass in the Carlisle Citadel Railway Station in 2014. Not much has actually changed regarding the station.

There has been many goings on at the station over the years. Two pictures show children from Chernobyl who visited Carlisle in 1992. They were met at the Citadel Railway Station by Roman soldiers.

Another shows Brownies having fun visiting Citadel Station.

There are some welcomes and some wave offs in this bunch. One photo shows the last steam train leaving the station in 1968, whilst a more recent picture shows fans welcoming the arrival of the world famous Flying Scotsman.