FOR this week's edition of nostalgia, we have looked back at what Penrith's high street used to look like throughout the decades.

The changing face of Penrith is shown in these pictures. However, there are many buildings that are still the same. Many photos show buildings and statues that still look similar today.

One photo throws us all the way back to before motor transport, when country people went to Penrith on market days with their horse drawn traps and carts to sell their wares and buy supplies. This specific picture is of the Market Square, looking towards King Street, and was taken about 1905. Whilst the picture is old, the layout of the building and statues remains very similar.

Another old picture shows a scene at the turn of the century looking down Rowcliffe Lane towards Crown Square which shows Alcock's team mart and grocery on the left. On the right are the premises of Guest's boot manufacturer and repair shop. William Dean's pawnshop is on the right.

The Charles Fearnside's photograph shows Ernest Dawson and his son David behind the counter of their grocers shop at the corner of Hunter Lane surrounded by hams, sausages and tins of biscuits, this photo is from the 1930s.

Another older snap shows the NatWest Branch, in Devonshire Street, in 1926. A grand old building.

There is a photo of a famous visitor as Prime Minister Harold Wilson, along with his wife Mary, arrive at the George Hotel, Penrith, in 1975. In the background of the photo there are numerous shops which people may remember.