The News & Star readers have responded to the controversial decision to approve plans for the Whitehaven coal mine. 

The 'Woodhouse Colliery' site was given the green light by Levelling-Up Secretary Michael Gove today. The highly controversial decision has been pushed back several times. 

The mine 'seeks to be net zero in its operations', according to the Government. 

There were mixed reactions from people across the area. Here's what you had to say. 

Stuart McNeil said: "Great news, a huge investment for west Cumbria."

Allyson Stevenson said: "All those people thinking this is great, why can't that amount of money go into renewables, something that would give back to our community indefinitely. Mining just exploits a resource and leaves a hole in the ground."

Ian Tyson said: "Congratulations west Cumbria hope it employs you all very soon."

Justin Nicholson said: "The right decision."

Allan Baldwick said: "Some common sense at last. Not before time."

The announcement specified that the coal will not be used for power generation; rather it will be metallurgical coal for steel production.

The mine's application says that nearly 2.8 million tonnes of coal will be extracted per year. The planning inspector who recommended the site's approval wrote that the development would 'have an overall neutral effect on climate change'.