As a business owner, you probably spend most of your time managing the day-to-day issues with little time to focus on future development.  The responsibilities may mean you find it difficult to enjoy what you do or achieve the right work life balance to make it all worthwhile.

At Lamont Pridmore, we work closely with our clients to offer a range of innovative, business advisory services to help you achieve your business goals, increase profitability and plan for your financial future.

Our services include:

Business start-up and strategic business planning

Creating a clear strategic direction and formulating a clear plan is essential, backed up by the financials to ensure future business or produce viability.  

Business growth and financing

Help to access the finance you need, whether from banks or alternative funding sources, including commercial mortgages, invoice or asset financing, grant funding, peer-to-peer lending and business angels.

Tax planning and tax saving

Careful planning at critical stages of the business cycle can result in considerable tax savings, but only after understanding your wider personal and business finances.

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Credit control, your cash flow cycle and working capital management

Reviewing and developing robust credit control procedures and advising on work turnaround times, stockholding, debtor days, creditor days to help you manage a healthy cash flow cycle.

Profit and performance review

Boosting your profitability and performance by benchmarking your performance against others in your sector and creating the key performance indicators to drive the business forward.

Pricing review, profit margins and competitor analysis

Understanding your competitor’s performance with our annual competitor analysis and pricing review can help you increase profits while remaining competitive in your markets.

Cost control

Controlling costs in areas such as utilities, phone and internet services, insurance, leasing, consumables, cleaning and waste management can lead to increased profits.

Outsourced finance director service

Taking care of important financial duties, including monthly management information, updating key performance indicators or developing the dashboard to regularly monitor performance.

Developing your Life Wealth Plan

A Life Wealth Plan will help you plan for a comfortable retirement in the most tax-efficient way by reviewing your pensions, savings, investments and business exit strategy throughout your lifetime to ensure they continue to meet your future needs. 

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Retirement or Succession planning

Support with your retirement, sale or succession planning process will ensure your business stays in safe hands. We specialise in working with family businesses and can help manage family and non-family members.

Maximising the overall value of your business before sale

Boosting the value of your business by making it attractive to potential buyers.  We’ll work with you to identify new growth opportunities and ensure all contracts, systems, procedures and structures are appropriate and up to date, as well as minimising future tax liabilities.

Why Lamont Pridmore?

Of course, we offer all the accountancy and compliance services you need, including accounts, payroll, tax, VAT and auditing, but we look to the future rather than the past.  We help you understand the impact of your decisions before you make them and focus on three key things:

1. Keeping your tax liabilities to a minimum

2. Helping you to make more money

3. Investing your wealth wisely

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