A DECISION will be given for plans to build a bio filter structure at a plant in Penrith.

Eden District Council has received an application for planning permission to construct a bio filter at Omega Proteins on Greystoke Road.

A report produced by officers states that the biofilter will reduce odour from the plant which processes animal by-products.

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The biofilter would take the form of a concrete tank 20m x 48.5m enclosed by 2.5m high walls.

In support of their application, Omega Proteins have said: “There are three existing biofilters at Omega. Each provides odour abatement by passing low-odour air through a woodchip media containing bacteria that breaks down odour before the treated air is released to atmosphere.”

Cumbria County Council as lead authority for both highways and flooding has raised no objection to the application.

Officers are recommending that councillors approve the application at a meeting of the planning panel next Thursday but a letter of objection has been received by Fresh Air for Penrith.

The pressure group claims it would mean “further intensification of overdeveloped site on the edge of the Lake District and harmful visual impacts.”

They also claim it would have an impact on “a human right to fresh air.”

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