The leading business and finance magazine values the "success story" of TECH University that allows learning from anywhere in the globe with the best international programs

The rise of online education in recent years has been gaining strength and is commonly preferred by people who cannot physically access an institution because of time, location, or lifestyle. For this reason, is necessary to choose the best choice to get access to the highest and most qualified online learning options.

Forbes, the world's preferred magazine specializing in business and finance, has highlighted TECH Technological University as "the best online university in the world’’ by explaining this institution offers the possibility of updating and learning from anywhere in the world, on any device, and any time thanks to its one hundred percent online method.

The leading business publication states TECH University has an important trajectory as a ‘’success story’’ which allowed them to position itself as "the benchmark institution" in the distance learning sector around the globe.

Currently, there is no other institution known as a global operator, because TECH Technological University has a different academic offer, the selection of qualified teaching staff, and an innovative learning method to provide the labour market with the best professionals of the future.

As a result of its great expansion throughout the world, it currently has more than 100,000 people studying one of its 10,000 programs, while the total number of graduates already exceeds 500,000 among all the modalities offered.

What I can learn in TECH University?

Technological university has many faculties and programs divided in different areas of knowledge such as Sports Science, Design, Education, Nursing, School of Business, School of Languages, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Geography and History, Humanities, Information Technology, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Nutrition, Psychology, Journalism and Communication, Veterinary Medicine, Video games Design and more.

Students can choose from a big catalogue that includes bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, doctorates, own master's degrees, grand master's degrees, university experts, management development programs, language courses and diplomas, all of them are 100% online.

Re-Learning Method

TECH Technological University has implemented an innovative method based on target repetition. The educational group is the pioneer and was accredited to implement this method which is internationally recognized because of the ability to combine educational quality, academic demand, and the latest educational technology.

Forbes argues that ‘’The results achieved by its learning methodology are outstanding, while also improving overall student satisfaction levels on the indicators that identify TECH as the best online university.”

But how does this system work? To supply an effective learning process, they focus on didactic materials, such as multimedia formats designed by qualified teachers focused on pedagogy, which consists in combining real cases, the resolution of complex situations by simulation, the study of cases applied to each professional career, and learning based on reiteration through audios, videos, presentations, animations, images, among others.

The best thing about this method is that each student can go at their own pace, according to their time, lifestyle, and location. The essence of this methodology is to provide that confidence and autonomy. In this way, the result will be that the concepts and knowledge will be kept in memory breaking with traditional learning schemes.

About Technological University

TECH University was born in 2015 by the academic group TECH Education Rights & Technologies SL. It was founded by a team of leading professionals and academics around university education in Spain. Recently recognized as one of the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe in recent times.

It is structured as an international cluster of digital private universities oriented toward continuous and postgraduate university degrees of higher quality success.