NO coronavirus deaths have been recorded across Carlisle, Allerdale and Copeland for the third successive week.

Throughout Carlisle, Allerdale and Copeland, over 1,100 people have sadly died within 28 days of a positive test.

A total of 164,624 deaths were recorded throughout England by August 31 which was up from 164,168 last week.

NHS England figures also show that the number of Covid patients in the region’s hospitals are also falling with the latest figures showing that there were 38 patients in hospital with the virus which was a decrease of 38 per cent in the last four weeks.

Case numbers of the virus are also seeing a decrease in Allerdale and Copeland.

Allerdale saw a 44 per cent drop in recorded cases over the past week and Copeland had 25 cases, a drop of over 25 per cent.

Case numbers in Carlisle, however, have risen sharply over the past week by over 50 per cent but still remain far lower than the levels seen in the pandemic.

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