A trio of outdoor enthusiasts from Cockermouth have joined forces to write a book that will appeal to anyone who craves a night under canvas.

Suzanne Elsworth and Alex and Trevor Morgan are the authors of A Practical Guide to Camping – the ideal read for anyone who fancies putting up a tent for the first time, or those who want a trip with a difference, taking bikes or boats to the pitch of their dreams or trying wild camping away from the world.

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Combining the expertise of seasoned backpacker Trevor, who likes nothing more than a night in the wilds, his wife Alex, who loves long-distance treks away from civilisation, and confirmed ‘car camper’ Suzanne, who wants a little luxury with her adventure, the book aims to inspire those who have never spent a night under canvas, as well as those who want to take their travels to the next level.

The three friends didn’t have any plans to write a book then, during the first lockdown, Suzanne saw a tweet from an editor at publisher Pen & Sword. She was asking writers to pitch their book ideas, and camping was one of the subjects mentioned.

Suzanne, who is a freelance writer with her own business, Elsworth Communications, said: “Trevor is an experienced wild camper and lightweight backpacker, Alex loves finding outdoor adventures, while I love my home comforts and certainly don’t pack light! We figured it could make an interesting mix of expert tips, cheap hacks and some luxury ideas, and the publisher agreed.”

Alex, a former journalist and editor who has written an award-winning novel, Tandem, and has another in progress, added: “We hope the book is a fun read, as well as offering that practical advice. What kind of camper are you – and what kind of camper do you want to be? What’s your idea of camping heaven and hell? Do you crave isolation and tranquillity, a lively social life or family fun?”

Trevor, who until retirement was part of the National Trust team working in the Borrowdale valley, is the technical expert and ‘gear geek’.

He contributed advice on getting the best night’s sleep, the right shelter, and what to pack and said: “It’s always a learning experience, whether it’s your first camping trip or your hundredth, but hopefully the book will make things a little easier for anyone who wants to sleep under the stars.

“It was also particularly important that we addressed the issue of wild camping, which has gained a bad name, and how it differs from fly camping done by those who don’t respect the environment, lighting fires and leaving litter. Responsible campers leave no trace and never go where they’re not wanted.”

A Practical Guide to Camping is on sale at The New Bookshop in Cockermouth, as well as from all major bookstores and online retailers. 

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