AFTER four days of driving across Europe, a garden centre in Plumpton has successfully delivered an ambulance full of medical supplies to help with the ongoing situation in Ukraine. 

The Pot Place had been fundraising for four months to raise £9,500 to send an NHS fleet vehicle to a rehabilitation centre in Lviv - the passionate volunteers, also managed to send another support van full of children's blankets to help benefit those in need. 

The group arrived in Przemysl on Poland's border, yesterday morning (August 8) - which stands less than 10 miles from Ukraine. 

Co-owner's Paul Thomas and Kevin Roper wanted to do what they could to help immediately as the invasion began, having already sent two vanloads full of supplies to provide relief - a commitment which they look to keep on continuing. 

News and Star: Handing over the keys Handing over the keys

Paul Thomas, who delivered the van, said: "We met our contact Joanna at the Przemysl Ambulance Station, handed over the ambulance and unloaded our other van which was full of children's blankets donated by the North East Ambulance Service.

"Joanna had spent three years in the north east as a paramedic but returned to her home town in April as she wanted to help with the terrible situation they found themselves in. They are doing an amazing job. 

News and Star: Supplies from Penrith to UkraineSupplies from Penrith to Ukraine (Image: Cumbria County Council)

"In the next few days her colleague will now arrange to meet their contact in the Lviv Ambulance Service at the border. It will then be in service in Ukraine and will be deployed to wherever necessary. 

"It was an emotional day for myself, Norm and Peter but thanks to all our supporters and donators we have achieved our aim," he said. 

The team behind The Pot Place thanked all their customers and supporters for all help and donations to get the supplies to those in need. 

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