Readers have responded to the news that plans to get planes back in the air at Carlisle’s Lake District Airport are being made.

A spokesperson from Esken, formerly known as Stobart Group Limited, said: "The company’s short to medium term strategy is to get the airport operational again following the period of inactivity associated with the pandemic, which has had a significant impact on the UK’s aviation sector.

"Once operational with general aviation, we will explore opportunities including business jet, military and other general aviation.”

Here’s what the readers had to say.

Christine Landon said: “It wants reopening.

“If the tourists want to come and The Lakes want fewer cars then we should be able to fly there.”

Phil Brookes said: “It's never going to make money as an airport.”

Seema Rishi Tyrrell said: “Would love to see it open with links to London.”

Responding to Seema, Lachlan Shanks said: “Folk from London can already take the train to Oxenholme or Carlisle, both closer to the Lake District than this airport.”

Asking the big question, Steph Thomson said: “Since when did just outside of Brampton become the Lake District?”

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