A NEWLY-ARRIVED yoga instructor has shared her tips on recovering and flourishing in 2022. 

In 2020, Samantha Walker lost her home and yoga business of over 16 years due to the pandemic and had to move back to Carlisle from the Isle of Man. 

Sam said it was a difficult time having to deal with the loss of her home and business that she had grown from nothing to over 3,500 clients.

"I felt alone and helpless. I had nothing left, any savings I had disappeared on trying to pay rent when I had no income. At this point it was sink or swim.

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"I could continue to hurt and feel resentment for my loss, and spiral into a deeper depression, or take a step back, breathe and change tactics in order to re-set'," she said. 

If you tackle anything you perceive to be difficult, different, or fearful, the best advice Sam offers is to try to section your day into hours at first. Keep your mind and even better your body active for as long as possible, use distraction tactics to get through a few hours.

Progress to a whole morning, or afternoon, a full day and so on. Allow yourself time to heal and recover and grow stronger - and make sure to avoid being inactive. 

Through her tenacity, Sam chose the re-set button and is now thriving as she has found a place to teach at Solway House Business Centre on Parkhouse Road. 

In Sam's terms she now offers a more 'boutique Hotel' equivalent of Yoga.

Now preferring to keep a maximum 8 clients in the room and only two styles of session to simplify, and explain exactly what you will expect should you attend a class at 'Viva Yoga'. 

“When you are recovering from mental or physical trauma Sam recommends you choose a style of yoga that will leave you feeling strong in mind, uplifted, energised and ready to tackle your day, rather than a session that leaves you feeling overstretched and fatigued”.

You can join her morning 'Uplifting Yoga' sessions at 0630am to leave you feeling refreshed or the evening ‘Viva Calm’ session at 6pm, which looks to address stiff, achy joints and muscles.

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