A BUSINESS owner has seen support from his community after experiencing mysterious online and offline setbacks.

Adam Turnbull, who owns the Golden Dawn plant nursery in Carlisle, spoke of what he describes as attacks on his business from an unknown source.

He is in his first year of running the business and said he already has seen signage being taken down and false reports about his business being made on Facebook.

Adam said that six weeks ago some small signs he had put up on the main road nearby had vanished after being there for only three weeks, and a large sign that was mounted at the beginning of July on a farmer’s gate opposite the Baldwinhome junction to push customers to his shop also went missing around a week ago.

News and Star: Before and after photo of the sign and after it was removed.Before and after photo of the sign and after it was removed.

He also said that this week someone had accused his business of being fake on Facebook and that Meta would shut his page down – now resolved thanks to his nephew.

Adam said he was initially enraged but added: “You’ve got to simmer down and see how you can sort it.

“I’ve let the police know what’s going on.”

He’s found help, however, in the community who, after seeing his Facebook post about the issue, has supported him by buying flowers – a silver lining to what appears to be an attempt to stymie trade.

He said that the source is unknown, and he doesn’t want to point the finger as that could hurt other businesses, particularly as there is no strong evidence pointing to any culprit.

The signs were not taken down by the county council, as they said the signs would have been returned to him by them if they did.

A spokesperson from Cumbria Police said a report was made on July 25 about signs advertising the business went missing around the end of May and early June, and the report wasn’t made at the time but this week following critical comments on Facebook and a suspicion that the two matters were linked.

'Being tested only makes you stronger'

Thankfully though, customers and businesses have illustrated support, as he said there are a lot of good nurseries in his area and they are there for each other, naming Road End Nurseries, Capsticks and Hixons as being supportive, seeing Adam as an ally, not a competitor.

An example of online support came from Vicky at the Fairydust Emporium in Silloth. In a post on social media, she said she'd also received threats to her business in its early days, and added: "I’m asking you all to give this business a 'like'. I really believe that testing a business like this only makes you stronger. Hats off to Golden Dawn Nurseries."

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