A YOUNG man has been banned from going to a Carlisle garage after he admitted sending somebody at the business a “grossly offensive message” and using threatening behaviour.

Steven Airey, 22, admitted both offences when he appeared before a judge at the city’s crown court.

The first allegation consisted of him sending a grossly offensive electronic communication to with the intention of causing the recipient “distress and anxiety,” the court was told.

This happened on March 23 last year. The second offence, on the same day, involved the defendant using threatening or abusive behaviour that caused a female harassment, alarm or distress.

Defence lawyer Mark Shepherd said a background report should be prepared on Airey, of Brookside, Raffles, Carlisle, before he is sentenced.

Judge Nicholas Barker ordered that report and granted the defendant bail on condition that he does not go to Appleton Garage in King Street, Carlisle and that he has no contact with three named individuals.

Nor is he allowed to enter Scotby.  Airey will be sentenced on July 18.

The defendant was originally charged with threatening to damage a woman's home and workplace and with making unwarranted demands for money "with menaces". The prosecution accepeted his pleas to the less serious charges.