With the news of Ukraine possibly being unable to host Eurovision and it is now likely to be passed to the UK, one question remains...where in the UK could it be?
Although it is more likely that it will be in London, we thought it would be fun to imagine it coming to the North East or more specifically Northumberland.
Cllr Gordon Stewart of Prudoe agrees and shares his thoughts on Northumberland hosting the worldwide popular show.
He said:" The Eurovision song contest is one of those ‘marmite’ types of shows.
"Many people are huge fans and celebrate with parties, others avoid the show and all news about it.
He added: "There is no doubt that these years show attracted more attention than others in recent times with the UK and Ukraine being neck & neck throughout.
"With next year's contest likely to come to this country we must consider Northumberland as a host.
"Although it will be a lot bigger than the Prudhoe arts trail or music by the River, our county is now very ambitious and residents may feel this could be a fantastic opportunity to put Northumberland on the map bringing more investment and tourism opportunities."