IT has to be said that when I first thought about going to Young Frankenstein I didn't think it would be quite my cup of tea, but boy was I wrong!

The show was a marvel and genuinly one of the most enjoyable evenings I have had in a long time.

Contrary to my beliefs the production was a musical comedy, with laughs at almost every minute of the show, based on the film by famed US director Mel Brooks. The performance by Maryport AODs is the first time the musical comedy has been staged up north.

As with all of the reviews I do, I was accompanied to the show by my lovely nana Sheila, who laughed out loud alongside me throughout the production, demonstrating the pleasure that the show brought to young and old.

A special credit must be given to Clark Wilkinson, who as well as directing and choreographing the whole show also played the lead role of Dr Frederick Frankenstein with such wit, professionalism and downright class.

It was easy to see that Clark has a strong background in the West End, with his seamless performance on the evening; there was also much admiration on my part for the way in which he has travelled from London to make the production a true success.

All of the cast were outstanding in their individual performances and as a group - from the downright hilarious portrayals of Igor by Nicky Dixon and Frau Blucher by Sandra Wilkinson, to the sensational performances brought by Zoe McSorley and Inga and Clare Matear as Elizabeth Benning.

But it is terribly difficult to single out outstanding performances for Young Frankenstein, as each of the cast were quite fantastic in their character portrayals - it was easy to see how much time, work and love had been given to make the show the success that it was.

The personal highlight in the comedy for me was Sandra Wilkinson's number, 'He Vas My Boyfriend', which had the audience in fits of laughter and at times had me in tears.

The show was beautifully accompanied by an on-stage orchestra which was a delight to see.

All in all the show was a smashing success and much warranted the standing ovation the cast were given when the final curtain closed.