CHRISTOPHER Scott has been named as the new mayor of Wigton.

Taking over from David Ferriby, Mr Scott is also the chairman of the town council.

The appointment comes as the county saw a huge shake-up and reorganisation of the councils in the area.

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Sharing his delight after being appointed the role, Chris said: "I'm chuffed to bits and I really hope I will be able to make a difference in the town. It is also amazing to have Sandra Hodson as my deputy. She has done amazing things for Wigton and put a lot into her work."

The appointment means more than anything to Mr Scott. His late father, Harry, was part of a team of six who were tasked with making the mayoral chains back in 1977.

Harry Scott later became a member of the council in the late 1980s. Mr Scott sadly lost his life in 2002 in a serious crash on the Wigton Bypass. After losing his dad, wearing the mayoral chains mean even more to Chris.

News and Star: MEMORY: Chris' dad, Harry Scott, was part of the team that helped make the mayoral chainsMEMORY: Chris' dad, Harry Scott, was part of the team that helped make the mayoral chains

Telling the News & Star that he is proud to serve the town that both he and his late father loved, Chris continued: "It means the world to me to know that my dad had a hand in making these and now I get the chance to wear them.

"My dad joined the council in 1987 and he wanted the best for the town and now I get my chance."

He said: "I shed a tear on the night, it was special that the whole council was behind the decision, I just want to do my best, like my dad did."

Joining Chris on the evening he was appointed was his daughter Amelia-Lily. She got to wear the lady mayoress’ chain after the ceremony and will accompany her father to some of the events he will visit during his time as mayor.

Chris’ duties as town mayor will commence immediately, with a variety of events taking place in the town during the summer months. The first of which will be the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, set to take place at Barton Laws on Saturday, June 4.

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