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As we go through a rising cost-of-living crisis everyone's feeling the pinch - but one community centre is looking to give people a 'hand up, not a hand out' through their affordable foodhub.

The Pop-Up Pantry at Botcherby Community Centre runs every Wednesday from 12-4pm, and allows for those feeling the pinch to get a shops worth (ten items, from nappies to coffee) up to the value of £15, for a reasonable £3.50.

News and Star:

Manager of Botcherby Community Centre, Helen Fisher, said: "If you're struggling financially and would like a hand up rather than a hand out, then we're here to help.

"We offer an affordable way to allow you to get the food you need for you and for your family," she said.

To date, the 'Pop-up Pantry' has been funded by grants mainly from Cumbria County Council but it is welcoming - and in need of - donations.

"We would be more than grateful for both further cash donations or food donations, but remember the food has to be in date and in undamaged packaged. 

"People deserve to be treated right, so remember that when donating," she said. 

Anyone with a bit extra to spare is welcome to drop off anything from toiletries to tinned goods, as well as pet food, to the Botcherby Community Centre anytime. 

News and Star:

Helen also pointed they have power to offer those coming to give referrals for foodbanks in the area. 

As it stands, foodbanks allow for the community to receive up to three referrals a month. Helen said that after receiving these, this is where the Pop-up Pantry can come in useful, as it can help top-up people's day to day amenities throughout the month.

"I'd like people to get their three referrals at the foodbanks, use it, and then afterwards be signposted to the likes of us so we can offer that additional bit of help.

"We just need people to know and be aware that we are here to help in a time of need, " she said. 

A similar Pop-Up Pantry runs in Longtown between 1-5pm on a Monday also. 

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