NFU Mutual have issued a warning of the high risk of fires in the Cumbrian countryside caused by dry weather. 

Following an exceptionally dry spring, many parts of the UK countryside are at high risk of fires started by barbecues and cigarette ends, the insurer warns.

These fires can put people, farm animals and wildlife at risk, as well as destroying natural habitats.

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Rebecca Davidson, NFU Mutual Rural Affairs Specialist, said: "After a very dry spring, a dropped match or smouldering barbecue is all that’s needed to start a serious fire in our fields and forests.

"With more hot weather forecast, as many people are heading to the countryside, we’re urging visitors to take care to avoid starting a fire.

"All too often, disposable barbecues, which seem to have gone out, smoulder for hours and start fires which can engulf acres of growing crops and wildlife habitats."