Several speed restrictions will be in place for an upcoming festival in Cumbria.

The Keswick Mountain Festival, which takes place next weekend, will see those travelling to it via car hit with some delays, and a possible need to reschedule their routes.

Often very busy, the festival can often be heard just by walking through Keswick.

In total, there will be four changes to normal travel in the area.

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The first is that there will be a temporary 30 mph speed limit on the B5289 road when near the festival’s site.

There will also be no waiting or loading at any time on the B5289, specifically on Springs Road and Crow Park Road.

Main Street and Market Place in Keswick will be closed between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Finally, there will be a closure of the Crow Park footpath (footpath number 238016).

For more information about these changes, click here.

All these restrictions will be in place from May 19 until May 22, the last day of the Keswick Mountain Festival.

With a strong line-up on the stage, an ever-popular mix-up of mountain sports, and the incorporation of a free and unique festival village, this year’s Keswick Mountain Festival is gearing up to be a grand one.

For more information about the Keswick Mountain Festival, click here.

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