A PETITION has been raised by a concerned resident looking for safer pedestrian crossings in an area of high volume traffic on Kingstown Road

Catherine Quinlan, who set up the petition, is gathering up voices for the implementation of a pedestrian crossing to be situated next to The Gosling Bridge, just before Bannatynes Gym. 

She said: "Kingstown Road is such a busy route into the city for cars. The current traffic islands next to The Gosling Bridge are not enough to help pedestrians cross the road.

"We need a pedestrian crossing in that area as it's unsafe to cross,"


Within a mere 24 hours, the petition has so far gathered over 200 signatures, but Catherine's call to arms comes from a point of wanting to create a safe route for her children to get to Kingmoor school. 

Catherine added: "The reason I started the petition was because I want a safe route to Kingmoor school for my children from our home on Gosling Drive.

"On two occasions, on the same day two weeks ago, we were waiting to cross Kingstown road and two cars actually rolled to a stop blocking our route across to the traffic islands."

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"There have been a number of near misses on Kingstown Road on that stretch that I have witnessed and other parents have witnessed and so this action needs to happen now to make the road safer for all crossing it.

"In order for Carlisle to become a greener city, there has to be more emphasis on providing safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists. 

"Since I shared the petition less than 24 hours ago there has been over 200 signatures which shows the local support for this. 

"The petition will run until 24th June when I will then collate all the signatures and submit to the council," she said. 

Cumbria County Council have said once the petition has been received, it will be discussed by Carlisle's Local Committee on Thursday July 14. 

To sign the petition, visit www.change.org/kingstownroadcrossing

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