A COUPLE have been rescued whilst on a canoe trip after their boat capsized on Derwentwater.

Keswick Mountain Rescue were called out to the incident yesterday at 6.14pm.

The couple were on a canoe sail trip on Derwentwater when a strong gust of wind caused their canoe to capsize leaving them in the water with the canoe and contents drifting away downwind.

Fortunately they were close to Rampsholme Island when this happened and so they only had a short swim to the safety of the island.

A spokesman for Keswick MRT said: "Following their 999 call for assistance Keswick MRT were able to make use of the Derwentwater Marina rescue boat and a small team were soon able to get across to them in quite choppy water.

"The canoe and contents were also salvaged and all returned safe and well to the Keswick Landings."

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