TRIBUTES have been paid to the 'irreplaceable' woman who founded Carlisle's Foodbank.

Rachael Mary Rodway, who was a well-respected solicitor in addition to her charity work, died 'suddenly but peacefully' on April 25.

Rachael was the trustee of many charities in the area and will be remembered by friends and colleagues as a 'resourceful and highly motivated' leader. 

A spokesman for Carlisle Foodbank posted on social media: "As trustees, managers and volunteers of the Carlisle Foodbank, we want to announce our sadness at the loss of Rachael Rodway as chair of the board of trustees, as champion of the foodbank, and as a friend.

News and Star: HIGHLY-MOTIVATED: Rachael RodwayHIGHLY-MOTIVATED: Rachael Rodway

"Rachael, at the time working with the Carlisle One World Centre, together with David Pitkeathly of the Church of Scotland, was responsible for setting up the Carlisle Foodbank in 2012 to meet the growing and obvious need in the city.

"Since then, her vision has led the work to provide emergency food parcels for those in need in and around Carlisle.

"As her friends and co-workers, we are of one mind in our recollections of Rachael as a resourceful and highly-motivated leader and chair of the Board of Trustees.

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"Rachael always went the extra mile to move the work forwards with vitality and energy.

"She was fearless in promoting the profile and effectiveness of the Foodbank and equally fearless in challenging any bureaucracy threatening to hinder it.

"Rachael had an ability to bring people together, as well as many useful links in the community in her drive for sustainability and food security in Carlisle.

"She did this unassumingly, with humility and with an infectious passion for her vision.

"Rachael’s role within Carlisle Foodbank will be filled by those with equal passion and commitment.

"As a person, she is irreplaceable. We miss her."

Rachael's funeral will be held in Carlisle on May 12.

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