Over the weekend people from around Whitehaven gathered on the harbourside for the Leyland National 50 bus event and Continental Markets. 

The weekend was organised by Workington Transport Heritage Trust with a focus on Leyland Buses, which were manufactured at Lillyhall for a number of years. The Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners were involved in setting up the continental markets. 

Visitors enjoyed an array of exciting food whilst learning about the buses which are still fondly remembered 50 years on. There was also a park and ride service taking people around the town and to the old factory at Lillyhall, now owned by Eddie Stobart. 

Mike Morton, one of the organisers of the event, said: "The event has been going extremely well, it's very busy at the moment and there's a lot already happening. 

"We've had massive interest, not only from enthusiasts but the general public too. I think this will be something big for Whitehaven and it's already turning into quite the event. 

"It's the first time we've ever held a proper bus rally in somewhere like Whitehaven, we've done small ones in Lillyhall before but nothing like this."

When we headed down to the event we had the great opportunity of speaking to Barrie Wills, who worked in the Leyland factory all those years ago. Mr Wills expalined to us how the buses were manufactured and then tested. 

When asked about the event itself he said: "It's unbelieveable, to think that there is a Leyland National Owners Club is mind blowing. I've worked for other car manufacturers so I'm used to that, but I never expected this and to see so many wonderful examples of the bus."

Whitehaven's Town Crier, Marc Goodwin, was at the event and wanted to share a few words with us. Mr Goodwin said: "This is my second time in my new role as town crier and I'm really pleased to be doing something that showcases everything good about the town. 

"Today's events on the harbour are brilliant, the streets are buzzing and there's loads of people in town which is what we need. One of the things we want to encourage people to do is spend money in town. Whitehaven is struggling but it can only get better by people visiting the shops and the town itself and taking time to enjoy the area."

Business owner Gerard Richardson said prior to the event: "It's wonderful to see the Continental Markets back on the harbour and when the buses arrive tomorrow the harbour is going to look fabulous."