The News & Star readers have responded to a post asking whether or not annual MOT tests should be scrapped. 

Our readers had mixed views on the proposal. Here's what you had to say. 

Sophie Green said: "The most ridiculous idea I've ever heard of, the state of cars after the extra 6 month extension was bad enough. Saving £50 ever other year but get landed with an even bigger bill the 2nd year. Not thinking about the people, just trying to do away with older cars."

Andy Morgan said: "Insurance companies finding new ways to refuse claims, unemployed mechanics and small garages closed, dodgy second hand cars and more road deaths."

Alan Pitcher said: "One way garages will make up for the loss of business will be cooking the results so more cars fail or they issue the owner with a raft of urgent repairs. No I don’t think it’s a good idea."

Colin Dodds said: "Not really, can you imagine some of the death traps on the road, it's a step backwards. I remember pre mots and I include myself driving around in unroadwothy cars."

Craig Dalrymple said: "The MOT only tells you the vehicle is road worthy or not at time of test. 

"You can drive away from test station and something fails five minutes down the road."

Colin Keenan said: "For a start, it will save us £50 a year max, that's a big help but what about the garages who will lose thousands a year in lost income? Personally, I would like to know who thought this one up?

"What a crazy idea, I know health and safety can be abit overboard at times but I'm sure many will agree with me that they would rather their vehicle was tested once a year and have the confidence that their vehicle is safe and roadworthy. I for one would still go to the garage every year and get my car and campervan checked, that's for sure."

What are your thoughts on scrapping yearly MOTs?